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Post by sanakura on Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:18 am

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Warriors constantly seek strength. They might seem to be daredevils due to their desire for power, but are gifted with sharp minds and a good combat sense. With high Health and Strength, their melee capabilities in both attack and defense make themselves the ideal vanguard in all battles.
Warriors may be promoted to Knights or Gladiators at Lvl 20

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Shield-bearing Knights are Dragonica's premiere tanking class with their large amount of health and armor and their ability to deal decent damage in melee range. Their primary role is to be up close in the face of the enemy, mitigating damage for party members. In PvP combat, they use their strong stamina and as a boon against heavy damage dealers like the Magician.
Knights may be promoted to Paladins at Lvl 40.

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Gladiators are born to fight. The only class line capable of wielding huge double-handed Claymores, they are a formidable sight on the battlefield. Trading speed for massive attack power, Gladiators are capable of dealing large Area-of-Effect damage as well as debuffing opponents with intimidating battleshouts.
Gladiators may be promoted to Firebrands at Lvl 40.

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