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Magician Skills List

Post by sanakura on Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:24 am


Wise beyond their years, Magicians love magic above all else. Considered studious recluses, they were often cloistered in the Magi Academy for much of their lives. This has all begun to change as Elga's dark influence begins to threaten their way of life. No book-bound cowards to be dismissed on a battlefield, Magicians of all disciplines make up for frailer bodies with high ranged-damage output and jovially refer to their new way of life as "putting theory in practice".
Magicians may be promoted to Acolytes or Battlemagi at Lvl 20.


Acolytes are well-balanced casters with a repertoire that swings between healing and damage spells. Crucial in team fights for their ability to keep allies up, Acolytes are also able to detect hidden enemies and polymorph opponents, effectively disabling them in combat.
Acolytes may be promoted to Oracles at Lvl 40


Completely at home on the battlefield, Battlemagi are specialized assault casters trained for large damage output with their large range of Area-of-Effect spells. These Spear-wielders are fierce combatants with decent melee defense, and consistently overthrow the assumption that casters are fragile ranged opponents.
Battlemagi may be promoted to Warmagi at Lvl 40.


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