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Post by sanakura on Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:27 am

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Growing up in the harsh backalleys was all the training these elusive denizens needed to become the premier melee-damage dealers of Dragonica . Combining agility and power, these claw-wielders are able to deal huge amounts of burst damage up-close, with the primary objective of taking down enemies before receiving much damage themselves.
Thieves may be promoted to Jesters or Assassins at Lvl 20.

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A coalition of Thieves who resolved to leave their shady past behind, Jesters seek to take all the sorrow of the world upon themselves in exchange for joy and laughter. But don't mistake their congeniality for weakness. Jesters can deal out pain in equal measure. These dangerous clawed-brawlers are a sight to behold in combat, with their powerful Area-of-Effect attacks, and flashy diversionary tactics.
Jesters may be promoted to Harlequin at Lvl 40.

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"To live, no action is cowardly." So say the masters of stealth and poison. Functioning like melee snipers, Assassins trade claws for sleek katars and are trained for fast single-target kills and evasionary tactics. Capable of stealthing in combat and attacking while burrowed, they are notoriously tricky to fight and are also able to block attacks for damage mitigation in combat.
Assassins may be promoted to Ninjas at Lvl 40

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Post by Kaiphyus on Fri May 01, 2009 6:36 am

o yea this is so kai's style thief all tha way


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