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Post by sanakura on Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:22 pm

(source: Dragonica Barunsoninter)

Location: Odelia

Name: FlorenceGender: Female
Profession: Inn Keeper
Florence has come to Odelia about 1 year ago to make a fortune out of abundant travelers lately. Rumor has it that she is sometimes nice to customers that she likes.

Name: BillyGender: Male
Profession: Equipment Merchant
Billy is infamously stingy in Odelia. He always claims that he always sells with discounted price, but no one has ever paid less price yet.

Name: HuerinGender: Male
Profession: General Merchant
Merchant Huerin comes from a far far away place. You can tell from her look that she is a very naïve person who would give out goods for free for some cheese.

Name: PamelaGender: Female
Profession: Wine Merchant
Pamela had become very lonely since both 2 sons of hers went away to far places. She often asks others about how her sons are doing or asks others to deliver letters to sons.

Name: OilverGender: Male
A guard of Odelia. He is always having hard time because of the new guard Guffy. However, he also gets in trouble himself pretty much.


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